Heart Surgeon at Artemis Hospital, Gurgaon Helped Salesh Raman from Fiji ‘Keep on Playing Golf’

In June 2018, at the age of 42, Salesh Raman from Fiji began noticing that he felt pretty tired at the end of the day. He didn’t give it a good thought thinking that this was just a sign of getting older. He enjoyed working in his yard and playing golf, but he didn’t seem to have the same stamina he had once. And from time to time he experienced chest pain.


It wasn't until one day in August when he was working in his yard, the pain in chest got much worse but eased up when he finished. The next few days went as usual, but Raman began to realize that each time he tried doing something, even getting up from his desk, there was a pain in chest and knew he needed to see his doctor.


A shocking diagnosis

Worried about his health, Raman called his family doctor for an appointment. After some tests, his doctor revealed: “You have cardiac problem with major blockage.” His world turned upside down on hearing these words. “I couldn’t believe my ears. I had no symptoms other than chest pain,” he says. His wife, Sanjina – a strong-willed woman, was with him. For a while, she felt shattered but after gathering much courage, she asked about further treatment. The cardiologist in Fiji recommended heart bypass surgery. “I feel thankful the problem was found before getting worse”, she says.

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