Ailoba Ahonkha

10 months ago I went to a full body check up. My doctor informed me that I have a case of cardiac related problem. He said I needed treatment as soon as possible otherwise my case would be transferred to Heart transplant. When I heard that news it was very devastating and very scary. I started to look into treatments because the treatment was not available in Nigeria I had to look for international treatment. So through this process Incidentally I came across Rank Healthcare website and from the website I was able to get a lot of information at one place, different information about hospitals, doctors, treatments then I created an account and contacted Rank Healthcare, they were very kind enough in giving me information and advice, the process was to get me quotations from different hospitals and they managed to answer each and every inquiry I had in a very instant and professional way. But still, through that process, I was not confident enough trusting a company to travel … I was not ready... So I did my own search and research and contacted the hospitals to get more information and what came out interestingly is that quotation that I got from the hospital is same as the quotation I got from Rank, and that gave me a huge boost and a huge confident in Rank. When I arrived at the airport a Rank representative was there to greet me and take me to the guest house and all arrangements had been made already, appointment with the doctor, airport transfers, guest house accommodation and also I had been given tips, how to change money, how to get SIM card where to go how to get the transports within the city, so all of these things provided by Rank makes everything here so simple. I don't feel much that I am away from home. The only drawback that I can mention that there was a long waiting time at the hospital because the machine for my treatment was not available at the time but luckily Rank representative was with me, and they pushed the hospital to the end for me to get the treatment as per the agreed schedule and I was able to finish my treatment according to the program, and in that case also Rank has supported me quite very well. So finally what I can say is I am really happy to recommend Rank for foreigners who like to travel to India for medical treatment because I know how it feels at the start of the process. The best part is that you will not pay extra because I haven’t paid any extra amount and I managed to save some money even so it's very imperative for me to say that Rank has helped me quite a lot and for any other visitor from other countries they will do so the same for you.

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