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Earlier coming all the way to India used to be a heavy proposition for a person who’s 59-year old with just meager income and has a large family who he has to support. In the past few years India has emerged as the fastest growing healthcare destinations globally, especially for patients who are from conflicted countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, or Yemen. Almost every year our economy attracts about to 400,000 foreign patients, most of which are from war-ravaged countries. Most common procedures in India are either bone marrow transplants, reconstructive surgeries, heart transplants or treatment of cancers. Large private hospital chains like Fortis, Apollo, and Max have adopted a holistic approach to provide care to the international patients.

Once the patient is able make to contact with these hospital they are provided with not only accommodation, but also round the clock interpreter services, and along with dietary need of theirs’, their cultural needs are also taken care of. Low cost is a key factor in India’s rise as a medical destination choice.

In the last decade the rise of Chennai, New Delhi, and Mumbai as the new international medical value hubs providing advanced care has helped in firmly placing India in the front league, on par with others. According to an industry-wide study, Medical Tourism is formally a promising sector for India, since it is poised to reach USD 6 billion by the year 2020.

Here are many prominent factors that were and are responsible for contributing towards increasing Medical Tourism in India.

1. Quality healthcare at reasonable costs.

2. Savings for the patient.

3. Getting a chance to be operated upon.

4. An Approach that is customized.

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